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Photon Infotech – The Beginning of the Post-PC Era

Apple projected that the launch of the iPad would mark the beginning of the Post-PC era. And while PCs are still selling more units per year than their increasingly powerful counterparts, that trend is poised to change in 2013 and beyond. Large IT solutions providers, such as Photon Infotech, are preparing for this change by devoting the majority of their engineers to developing cross-platform applications, and are enjoying a great deal of success doing so.

In 2013 alone, it is projected that 210 million tablets will be shipped to distributors, 140 million of them branded by major companies such as Apple and Samsung. Many, if not most, of the applications created for smartphones will also be replicated for tablets. Thus, there is an overwhelming need for IT solutions developers who work exclusively within mobile frameworks.

This is where companies like Photon Infotech come in. Since 2006, the team has dedicated a vast amount of resources to mobile technology. This really comes as no surprise, as many solutions providers have done the same. But what differentiates Photon from its peers is the company’s dedication to optimizing the power and flexibility afforded by these new, exciting frameworks.

To elaborate on just how much smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our lives, Photon Infotech has more than doubled its amount of employees in the past six years alone. Many of these professionals are dedicated to creating applications for the iPhone, Android, and more recently, the Windows 8 Phone.

With demand at an all time high, the company is expected to meet and exceed the 65% year-after-year sales growth they have experienced since 2009. Already, a great number of the Fortune 100 are employing Photon Infotech’s services – a number that is expected only to grow as multi-channel solutions become a more vital aspect of a company’s ultimate survival in the modern world.


Photon Infotech – Mobile Practices

Mobile technology has become an integrated part of our everyday lives. Allowing users
to harness the power of the Internet from any location, most smartphone users have
trouble envisioning a world where they couldn’t access powerful mobile applications
from their job, at home or on the go. And while there are a plethora of apps on the
market, those created by Next Gen Internet Consulting Firm Photon Infotech are among
the most well-designed and practical. And now, with the impending launch of Windows
8 only a couple of months away, Photon Infotech desires to further elevate their game
by providing clients with cross-platform solutions designed to grant them a distinct
advantage over the competition.

Photon Infotech is one of only a few consulting companies in the world that creates
entire mobile solutions for their clients. To clarify, most IT firms only handle back end
development procedures. Thus, companies seeking a reliable outside firm to deal with the
creative design process are forced to look elsewhere. But Photon Infotech is notorious
for handling both the creative and technological aspects of a solution. Its trained staff
members possess the rare ability to guide clients through the entire development process.
From concept to deployment and beyond, Photon Infotech’s comprehensive solutions and
expertise are the main reasons why they’ve become a leader in the mobile market.

Additionally, Photon encourages their employees to keep up with the latest technological
trends. By doing so, they were able to create cutting edge applications for iOS and
Android. Today, Photon is rapidly preparing for the launch of Windows 8. Windows
Phone is poised to establish Microsoft as a viable player in the mobile market, and by
already launching their Windows 8 development practice, Photon Infotech stands to be a
critical factor in its continued success.

But what it really comes down to is effort. The staff members at Photon Infotech are all
pioneers within their respective fields. Driven, passionate and knowledgeable, each and
every employee at Photon is part of a larger brain trust. Workers are encouraged to share
their ideas with the group, no matter how bombastic they may originally seem.

Most importantly, clients trust Photon Infotech to handle any mobile related assignment
from front to end with relative ease.

Photon Infotech Launches Windows 8 Practice

World renowned Internet Consulting Firm Photon Infotech recently announced the
launch of their Windows 8 and Windows Phone development practice. Having already
established itself as a leader in the creation of Android and iOS technologies, Photon
hopes to offer pioneering cross-platform and cross-channel solutions to their clients,
many of whom belong to the Fortune 100. Given their track record of success and over
100 dedicated Windows 8 engineers, it appears that they are poised to do so.

Windows 8 does not release until October 2012, but Photon Infotech is already working
on 10 active projects. Taking advantage of all the new opportunities afforded by the
new OS, Photon plans to rollout these cutting edge applications on the same day that
Windows 8 launches.

The leaders at Photon recognize that Microsoft is about to become a major player in the
mobile market, that up until now was dominated by Apple and the Android. Because
Photon experienced so much success working within these other mobile frameworks,
they are confident that they’ll be able to replicate this success by creating a complete set
of technologies for Windows 8 powered devices.

There is no one company better equipped to utilize new technologies more effectively
than Photon Infotech. In addition to the 100 trained engineers working exclusively with
Windows 8, Photon Infotech boasts the largest number of mobile trained engineers in
the entire world – over 1,500 to date. Their Windows 8 development practice stands to
be one of the largest practices globally. Photon also distinguishes itself by being the only
company in the world focused on Cloud to Customer User Experiences. These cross-
platform, cross-channel solutions will grant companies who employ them a distinct
competitive advantage over those who do not.

Clients trust Photon Infotech because they’re the only company aptly equipped to handle
both the creative design and implementation of a solution. If history is any indicator,
Photon Infotech’s Windows 8 practice will set the benchmark for which all other IT
teams must follow.

Photon Infotech – Working for Photon

Photon Infotech is known for their cutting-edge approach to technological solutions.

Since their inception in 1999, they’ve contributed to the growth of many Fortune 500
companies and have grown exceedingly successful. To date, Photon Infortech harbors
over 1,200 employees at several locales. It is these employees that are facilitating the
future, and the casual yet diligent environment provided at Photon Infotech is allowing
them to optimally perform their jobs.

Photon Infotech breaks the traditional boundaries commonly associated with large
corporations. They encourage their employees to think out of the box, and to take chances
whenever the opportunity presents itself. In addition, they ask that their employees do not
limit themselves to one area of expertise, and will help teach workers new skills, should
they be interested.

Employee satisfaction is also something that Photon Infotech holds in high regard. Sadly,
most companies place productivity first and worker happiness second. But the leaders
at Photon were quick to realize that content employees are ones who work harder to
succeed. Because the employees at Photon see everyone collaborating with one another
on ideas, they feel prompted to do the same. At Photon the lowest ranking employee is
not only allowed, but encouraged, to express their thoughts to upper management. The
end result is a casual, work environment where no one employee is afraid to voice their
opinion, no matter how radical it might be.

Photon rewards their employees with exciting growth opportunities. Thanks to the
aforementioned open collaboration they are able to think more creatively, thus giving
them a greater chance to be recognized for their efforts. Many employees have risen
through the ranks at Photon in a very short time. Lastly, working at Photon grants an
employee the chance to work with some of the leading technological innovators in the
world. It is bonds like these that last a lifetime, and pay dividends in every aspect of an
individual’s life.

Photon Infotech is not only improving the lives of their clients, but those of their more
than 1,200 employees as well.

New reviews coming soon

We are in the midst of collecting and quantifying new information and updates on Photon Infotech. We will be back with a new round of reviews from customers and past employees very soon!

Photon Infotech – iPhone Applications

It’s nearly impossible to imagine what life was like before the iPhone. Home to a
multitude of apps that assist us with everyday tasks, the iPhone is a pioneering revolution
of modern design. It therefore comes as little surprise that leading Internet consulting
firm Photon Infotech developed some of the most commonly used apps for clients
seeking to fully harness the power of the aptly named smartphone.

While Photon Infotech may be best known for working on the Virtual Assistant otherwise
known as Siri, they have also contributed other notable applications to the marketplace.
For instance, the Trilibis Mobile app allows users to interact with their circles in new and
exciting ways. Paired with Facebook and Twitter users can decide just how much or little
they would like to hear from their groups, or as Trilibis refers to them – “Orbits.”

Firetonic is an application that proves how diversified the team over at Photon Infotech
really is. At its core, Firetonic is a wardrobe management application that allows men the
women alike the opportunity to examine clothing options and pairings. Clothing articles
can be mixed and matched at the flick of a wrist. Through Firetonic, technology and style
merge to form one sleek, easy to use application. The forward thinking professionals at
Photon Infotech were trusted to create this innovative app.

Finally, we have an app with a sense of humor. Niktec is an interactive drinking game
where players complete to see who can gulp down the most beer shots in one hundred
minutes. Whoever manages to down 99 shots in one hour is the winner. And who says
that technology can’t be fun? Just be sure to play the game at your own risk.

Diversity – Photon Infotech prides their company on being able to tackle any and all
technological challenges. Whether their task is to build a next generation application
featuring sophisticated AI or a simple game meant to promote good cheer, the industry
leaders at Photon Infotech have proven time and time again that there is no task too large
or small for them to handle.

Photon Infotech – Proven Leadership

World renowned Internet consulting firm Photon Infotech was able to grow from a small
company into a recognized global force through providing their clients with cutting-edge
technological solutions designed to increase customer profits. Because we live in a time
where keeping up with the latest industry trends is paramount to a company’s success
any firm poised to succeed must first employ proven, innovate and ambitious leaders
within the field to lead the charge. The carefully chosen leaders at Photon Infotech have
proven time and time again to be up to the challenges that come with running a successful
Internet consulting operation.

The officials at Photon Infotech possess a wide range of backgrounds and industry
experience. For instance many of their executives once worked at highly successful
Fortune 500 companies. At their previous employer, these pioneers were responsible
for creating new technologies and enhancing existing models. Other professional have
small market backgrounds. Proving successful at turning promising ideas into sustainable
profits, these forward thinking and spirited entrepreneurs are adept individuals capable of
devising advanced marketing and business strategies.

There is one attribute that every employee at Photon Infotech shares: passion. Regardless
of their area of expertise or position within the company infrastructure, each employee
is firmly dedicated to the growth and advancement of existing business models. The
culmination of their hard work and passion is reflected through Photon InfoTech’s
astoundingly high annual profit margin and 100% customer satisfaction rate. In short,
individuals who care about their career are more likely to devote themselves to a cause,
and will ultimately perform at a high level. Photon Infotech has grown into a highly
trusted organization because their employees are such passionate individuals.

At the present time, Photon Infotech houses over 1200 employees and currently operates
out of both India and the United States. Since their inception in 1999, they have grown
at a staggering rate. In fact, thanks to their driven, experienced team of consummate
professional they have managed to become the fastest growing Internet consulting firm in
the entire world.