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Photon Infotech – iPhone Applications

April 19, 2012

It’s nearly impossible to imagine what life was like before the iPhone. Home to a
multitude of apps that assist us with everyday tasks, the iPhone is a pioneering revolution
of modern design. It therefore comes as little surprise that leading Internet consulting
firm Photon Infotech developed some of the most commonly used apps for clients
seeking to fully harness the power of the aptly named smartphone.

While Photon Infotech may be best known for working on the Virtual Assistant otherwise
known as Siri, they have also contributed other notable applications to the marketplace.
For instance, the Trilibis Mobile app allows users to interact with their circles in new and
exciting ways. Paired with Facebook and Twitter users can decide just how much or little
they would like to hear from their groups, or as Trilibis refers to them – “Orbits.”

Firetonic is an application that proves how diversified the team over at Photon Infotech
really is. At its core, Firetonic is a wardrobe management application that allows men the
women alike the opportunity to examine clothing options and pairings. Clothing articles
can be mixed and matched at the flick of a wrist. Through Firetonic, technology and style
merge to form one sleek, easy to use application. The forward thinking professionals at
Photon Infotech were trusted to create this innovative app.

Finally, we have an app with a sense of humor. Niktec is an interactive drinking game
where players complete to see who can gulp down the most beer shots in one hundred
minutes. Whoever manages to down 99 shots in one hour is the winner. And who says
that technology can’t be fun? Just be sure to play the game at your own risk.

Diversity – Photon Infotech prides their company on being able to tackle any and all
technological challenges. Whether their task is to build a next generation application
featuring sophisticated AI or a simple game meant to promote good cheer, the industry
leaders at Photon Infotech have proven time and time again that there is no task too large
or small for them to handle.


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