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Photon Infotech Launches Windows 8 Practice

September 1, 2012

World renowned Internet Consulting Firm Photon Infotech recently announced the
launch of their Windows 8 and Windows Phone development practice. Having already
established itself as a leader in the creation of Android and iOS technologies, Photon
hopes to offer pioneering cross-platform and cross-channel solutions to their clients,
many of whom belong to the Fortune 100. Given their track record of success and over
100 dedicated Windows 8 engineers, it appears that they are poised to do so.

Windows 8 does not release until October 2012, but Photon Infotech is already working
on 10 active projects. Taking advantage of all the new opportunities afforded by the
new OS, Photon plans to rollout these cutting edge applications on the same day that
Windows 8 launches.

The leaders at Photon recognize that Microsoft is about to become a major player in the
mobile market, that up until now was dominated by Apple and the Android. Because
Photon experienced so much success working within these other mobile frameworks,
they are confident that they’ll be able to replicate this success by creating a complete set
of technologies for Windows 8 powered devices.

There is no one company better equipped to utilize new technologies more effectively
than Photon Infotech. In addition to the 100 trained engineers working exclusively with
Windows 8, Photon Infotech boasts the largest number of mobile trained engineers in
the entire world – over 1,500 to date. Their Windows 8 development practice stands to
be one of the largest practices globally. Photon also distinguishes itself by being the only
company in the world focused on Cloud to Customer User Experiences. These cross-
platform, cross-channel solutions will grant companies who employ them a distinct
competitive advantage over those who do not.

Clients trust Photon Infotech because they’re the only company aptly equipped to handle
both the creative design and implementation of a solution. If history is any indicator,
Photon Infotech’s Windows 8 practice will set the benchmark for which all other IT
teams must follow.


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