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Photon Infotech – Mobile Practices

September 4, 2012

Mobile technology has become an integrated part of our everyday lives. Allowing users
to harness the power of the Internet from any location, most smartphone users have
trouble envisioning a world where they couldn’t access powerful mobile applications
from their job, at home or on the go. And while there are a plethora of apps on the
market, those created by Next Gen Internet Consulting Firm Photon Infotech are among
the most well-designed and practical. And now, with the impending launch of Windows
8 only a couple of months away, Photon Infotech desires to further elevate their game
by providing clients with cross-platform solutions designed to grant them a distinct
advantage over the competition.

Photon Infotech is one of only a few consulting companies in the world that creates
entire mobile solutions for their clients. To clarify, most IT firms only handle back end
development procedures. Thus, companies seeking a reliable outside firm to deal with the
creative design process are forced to look elsewhere. But Photon Infotech is notorious
for handling both the creative and technological aspects of a solution. Its trained staff
members possess the rare ability to guide clients through the entire development process.
From concept to deployment and beyond, Photon Infotech’s comprehensive solutions and
expertise are the main reasons why they’ve become a leader in the mobile market.

Additionally, Photon encourages their employees to keep up with the latest technological
trends. By doing so, they were able to create cutting edge applications for iOS and
Android. Today, Photon is rapidly preparing for the launch of Windows 8. Windows
Phone is poised to establish Microsoft as a viable player in the mobile market, and by
already launching their Windows 8 development practice, Photon Infotech stands to be a
critical factor in its continued success.

But what it really comes down to is effort. The staff members at Photon Infotech are all
pioneers within their respective fields. Driven, passionate and knowledgeable, each and
every employee at Photon is part of a larger brain trust. Workers are encouraged to share
their ideas with the group, no matter how bombastic they may originally seem.

Most importantly, clients trust Photon Infotech to handle any mobile related assignment
from front to end with relative ease.


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