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Photon Infotech – The Beginning of the Post-PC Era

January 16, 2013

Apple projected that the launch of the iPad would mark the beginning of the Post-PC era. And while PCs are still selling more units per year than their increasingly powerful counterparts, that trend is poised to change in 2013 and beyond. Large IT solutions providers, such as Photon Infotech, are preparing for this change by devoting the majority of their engineers to developing cross-platform applications, and are enjoying a great deal of success doing so.

In 2013 alone, it is projected that 210 million tablets will be shipped to distributors, 140 million of them branded by major companies such as Apple and Samsung. Many, if not most, of the applications created for smartphones will also be replicated for tablets. Thus, there is an overwhelming need for IT solutions developers who work exclusively within mobile frameworks.

This is where companies like Photon Infotech come in. Since 2006, the team has dedicated a vast amount of resources to mobile technology. This really comes as no surprise, as many solutions providers have done the same. But what differentiates Photon from its peers is the company’s dedication to optimizing the power and flexibility afforded by these new, exciting frameworks.

To elaborate on just how much smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our lives, Photon Infotech has more than doubled its amount of employees in the past six years alone. Many of these professionals are dedicated to creating applications for the iPhone, Android, and more recently, the Windows 8 Phone.

With demand at an all time high, the company is expected to meet and exceed the 65% year-after-year sales growth they have experienced since 2009. Already, a great number of the Fortune 100 are employing Photon Infotech’s services – a number that is expected only to grow as multi-channel solutions become a more vital aspect of a company’s ultimate survival in the modern world.


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  1. A great company to work on new technologies especially mobile technologies.

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