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Photon Infotech – Biography

During these critical economic times, is it Proton Infotech helping their clients adjust
to the rapidly changing technological landscape. An expert at minimizing costs and
advancing technology, Photon Infotech was founded in 1999 and has gone on to
become one of the most prestigious Internet consulting firms in the world. Touting
next-generation technologies and business solutions, they currently inhabit over 1,250
employees spread out over three continents.

Recognized by Red Herring as one of the top 100 global companies, Photon Infotech
currently boasts over 700 unique clients, many of them belonging to Fortune 500
companies. Their many innovations and pioneering techniques have been celebrated as
has their commitment to quality customer service and quick turnaround times.

In just the past year, Photon Infotech has reported a 75% revenue increase, also doubling
their workforce and customer base in that time. A quintessential example of a company
on the rise, Photon Infotech plans to increase their claim as a worldwide leader. They
have recently opened their doors in both Chicago and Manhattan and strive to expand to
other locals in the Unites States and beyond.

Based on “Accelerating Innovation” and helping customers to “Cross the Chasm” during
otherwise harsh transitional periods, Photon Infotech works in several diversified and
blossoming technological areas. These areas include but are not limited Social Media,
Web 2.0, Mobile Applications with Open Source and other enabling technologies.

All employees at Photon Infotech are trained experts in their chosen field. Prospective
hires must be passionate individuals looking to become part of something bigger. Photon
Infotech succeeds because they are never passive – each innovation is devised through a
monumental meeting of the minds, and worked upon until perfected.

Photon Infotech has managed to achieve the rare feat of gaining the trust of both their
clients and their employees. Their future prospects look extremely promising as they will
likely continue to prosper, gaining new customers and acquiring new offices along the
way. 2011 was the best year in Photon Infotech’s history – 2012 only promises to be even

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